Early Start Time

Hello.  Welcome to this website’s first entry!  Please click on the “Greetings” and “Charity Information” tabs above to learn about my upcoming marathon challenge and how you can help with my charity goals.  Regular updates (entries, photos, videos, donations) will get rolling in mid/late August.  120+ days of blogging is too much.  80 days or so sounds better.   Come back soon to track my training and fundraising progress!

Ran 4 miles this morning along the Hudson River at 7:30 AM… and it was WAY too hot!  Might have to resort back to 6 AM runs!

Thank you for your support!  

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2 Responses to Early Start Time

  1. E says:

    you should add a page counter… im sure everyone is curious how many hits your going to get

  2. Tom says:

    Excited to be following your marathon training progress. I admire your ambitious goal. What marathon are you running and what program are you going to use. So many questions. I look forward to learning more about the adventure ahead. Tom http://blog.runnerslounge.com

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