Here We Go!

It’s about 3 months till race day, so here we go with daily updates!  

Ran 18 miles last week in Nantucket, MA with my running partner, Elliot Friedman.  Planned on doing 13 today, but Steve at work said “I’m impressed with 18, but ya gotta keep that momentum going!”  So I did!  16 miles around upper Manhattan at 6 AM!  Man, I’m pooped. 

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2 Responses to Here We Go!

  1. Ariella says:

    Hey, Ben. Great website. Good luck with the training!

  2. Rob says:


    Met you and your training partner last week during your 16 mile run – I think you had 4 miles remaining and you were wetting your wistle at the water fountain at the NW corner of central park – near CPW/110th st.

    I’m also trying to break 3:11 but in the NYC Marathon….would like to compare notes.

    Intriguing website. Looking forward to reading more! Good luck,


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