The Training PLAN

Lately I’ve been wondering “How am I going to run my FIRST marathon in under 03:11:00 – can I do this? Am I NUTS?” The answer to the latter is… probably! The answer to the former, is YES, I believe I can do it. But I am going to have to prepare. I have been doing my best to train physically & mentally for the inevitable toughness of this race. Maintaining a pace of 7:15 per mile is NOT EASY… especially for 26+ miles!

Building endurance and adjusting my body and legs to constant concrete pounding are the most critical parts of the training. Therefore, I am running 5-6 times a week for at least 30 minutes a clip. If I’m feeling good, I’ll do two-a-days. A few of those runs will comprise of some serious hill and speed training. Longer runs (120-180 minutes) of escalating mileage (13+ miles) are for the weekends.


Not going to change much. In fact, I plan on eating MORE to combat the weight that will be burned off.


Upper body weightlifting 3x a week – not sure if this will help with running, but hey, why not! At least 100 push ups and sit ups every day. Some biking. And I will try to throw in a swim here and there…

I plan to have a LOT of fun – otherwise I’ll have no shot. Anyone who wants to join me on a run, email me and we’ll make it happen! LET’S DO THIS!

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2 Responses to The Training PLAN

  1. Eli M. says:

    Hey Ben – Just heard about this via your email and am quite impressed, both by the philanthropical aspect and the 3:11 anticipated time. I’ve never run a marathon, but did march 40 miles in a night once to graduate IDF basic training so I know the dedication it takes. My two bits of advice: wear thick padded socks and continue concentrating on becoming “mentally tough.” Will deffinitely contribute. Best of luck. Eli

  2. alex says:

    i’ll run. hahhahhaah JK JK!! wooo good times.

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