Catching up on sleep

There have been days in the past two months where I’ve found myself still awake at 2 AM before a planned 5 AM run.  So what do I do?  I skip sleeping that night!  Today that all caught up with me.  Got up fairly early, 7 AM, but in the afternoon I was out cold.

Lots of walking the past two days, but no running, which is not good at all.  Tomorrow’s long weekend run will be from W. 79th street to E. 79th street (around the island!) and will also cover the Queensborough Bridge.  Before Philly, I plan on running over every bridge that’s connected to Manhattan!

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One Response to Catching up on sleep

  1. cyberpenguin says:

    hi there ben,

    heheheheh, as a fellow runner & late-night blogger, i can completely relate to your problem of running on zero sleep. maybe it’s all the late blogging you’re doing that’s throwing your schedule off! 😎

    i really like your blog & have subscribed. great posts. especially love the quote at the top of your blog.

    good luck with your marathon training!

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