Quick vs. Fast

When I played sports in high school I would blow past defenders… I used to sprint to first base like a deer… I could easily get to the net in enough time to hit back a drop shot.  I thought I was FAST.  But since I started running for distance, I’ve realized I am not fast.  I am quick.  I can fake one way and move a short distance in the opposite direction to get off a basketball shot.  And I can run 90 feet to a base to beat out a throw.  But that’s being QUICK.  Being FAST is maintaining that quickness… for a LONG time.  And I’ve learned that I am NOT fast… which is not a good thing to find out when I’m up against 26.2 miles!!!
So I’ve been upping my running pace.  At 11 PM last night I was in Central Park (alone!… with some other crazies!!!) doing some berserk speed work – sprinting 1/3 of a mile one way, jogging 1/3 of a mile back, sprinting 1/3 again… 30 minutes… good workout.
Yesterday marked the 2 month mark till the race.  REALLY getting focused now…

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  1. […] Originally Posted by doug Quick and fast essentially mean the same thing, so not much sense making that distinction. Perhaps by strict dictionary definition, but in common usage I find that quick is typically about acceleration, and fast is about top speed. Because enough people think about them that way it is probably good practice to make sure you don’t say "Tesla is faster than other Supercars" Some examples: What is the difference between being quick and fast? – Yahoo! Answers Volkswagen Jetta 2005 and earlier – CarSpace Automotive Forums Quick vs. Fast Under311 […]

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