Half a Marathon on One Leg!

Ben’s Kicks! 

Day started at 3:30 AM (nutso!) as I had to catch the bus to get to the 1/2 marathon in Queens.  Today was important… it was my dry run for Philly.  Had the food I’ll eat for Philly (bagel/gatorade) and wore the same gear right down to socks and boxers!  All the training has paid off as I broke my previous 1/2 record by 10+ minutes!  I finished in 1:38:26, which I was pleased with since I had a lot of things against me.  Basketball Thursday night, as mentioned yesterday, left my legs raw – I was running on one good leg the whole time!!  I also only got 3 hours of sleep, fasted the day before, and it was HOT and HILLY.  I’m not making any excuses – I just know I can go faster!

I am a glass half-full guy, (which I think is the mindset I need to have for this race… more on that in another post).  I don’t get a job?  No problem, I’ll get the next one!  A girl cancels on me?  That’s ok!  She must really have something more important to do!  Run a “slow” race?   I can run the next one quicker!  3:11 is DOABLE!!!

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