Off Day? No Way!

I usually rest after a long weekend run.  So today was a pre-planned off day after yesterday’s Queens half-marathon.  Instead, I ran 11 MILES after work in Central Park with my doctor Jim Hollenberg (best AND most fit doctor in NYC!!!).  Dr. Hollenberg has endurance and is FAST.  Other NYC marathon runners: he’ll be tough to beat this year.

Luckily, I recover very quickly after a run.  Elliot too – but he usually does a recovery run (I never understood this… in order to recover, he runs!  Elliot, you crazy!).  Sometimes after a 30 minute run, I come home sweating and tired, but after about TWO minutes I’m fine, and even FORGET to drink the water I had been craving.  After long runs I only need 2-3 hours to relax (though, sometimes I crash on the couch… without showering!).  All that said, tomorrow I am DEFINITELY taking the day off.  My legs (calves especially) are nice and sore.

Lastly, my friend Jo suggested that everyday I post an inspirational quote from a movie, song, etc.  I’ll start with one from her.  After a particularly stressful day at work, she came up with this gem:  “Running is preferable to choking someone’s neck!”  People… watch what you say… cause it may end up on the world wide web!

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One Response to Off Day? No Way!

  1. Rob says:

    hey Ben,

    good to see your shirt at the queens 1/2…thot I recognized that mop on your head…sure ‘nuf, it was u!

    Yeah, you might want to stop that basketball stuff. Maybe biking or yoga on off days, but basketball can do too much damage to knees, ankles, etc.

    FASTING??? Obviously not a good idea, but hey, with all that going against you you did ok. 10 min. PR is outstanding!

    I got a PR also, 1:34:25 – first 10 at 7:15 (marathon) pace and last 3 at 7:00 pace, which is my Tempo run pace. I’m happy – didn’t really race it. I’m running a 10k tomorrow morning…I’ll be racing it to see how much gas is in my tank and how much speed is available.

    How about those 66 turns on the race? and the hill at mile 13???!!!@#$% That really bit.

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