Off day? Hurray!

Laundry Ben! 

I LOVE magic.  I skipped school to see David Blaine get out of his first stunt, Buried Alive! (if you look at news footage, you can see me trying to hide from the cameras).  So anytime someone does magic or teaches me a trick, they’ve got my attention.  I’ve spoken to a lot of experienced runners and all have their running tricks.  I’ve never had an injury (knock wood) and don’t plan on changing that trend, so in addition to taking it easy this week (until Sunday – 18 miles!), yesterday’s run, which taught me to run with PAIN, also convinced me that it’s time to invest in some of these tricks of the trade: 

a. Duct taping your feet — this keeps feet dry so moisture won’t well up and cause blisters.  Hopefully this won’t just make my feet sticky.  
b. “Glide” – helps avoid skin chafing (haven’t had this problem… and don’t want to…).
c. Eating “Gu” packs — energy food consumed during long runs.  Not tasty, very slimy, but seems to work.

I pretty much run in basketball shorts and a cotton t-shirt.  As my buddy Jason said, “Ben, c’mon man, you gotta step it up!”

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  1. Runchilde says:

    I’m enjoying this blog.

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