Nike, New Balance, and New Socks!

The race is creeping closer so I’m breaking out the two sneakers I’ve been saving for training/racing.  In a crazy consumer spree a few months ago I bought FOUR pairs of new kicks (well, that’s crazy for me).  Two I wore immediately… the other two are just now coming out of hiding – a pair of Nikes and a pair of New Balance.  The NB’s are like pillows and great to train in, but are just too heavy for Philly.  So Nike is my shoe.  My first pair of sneakers 20+ years ago were Nikes.  They haven’t let me down since!!!

With those Nikes I will be wearing a special pair of socks.  My friend Ray and I have spoken about how when we get rich, we’ll wear a new pair of socks every day.  Nothing beats new socks.  Nothing.  I bought nine new pairs for training.  A few weeks ago I told Elliot’s Dad this.  He asked what kind of socks.  I told him they were generic sweat socks.  He shook his head, disappeared into his room, and emerged with a pair of DRYMAX running socks, which he GAVE me!  I’ve been wearing them for all my long weekend runs.  They will be my Philly socks.  Air Nikes and Air Harvey’s!!!

Got in a quick 30 minute run after work.  Sukkot starts at sundown so I’ll be gone till Saturday night.  53 days away and I’m feeling good about my chances.  Apparently my friend Tree thinks so too.  Just got this email from her — “God bless ya boy… I can’t even run a mile anymore!!!!”

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One Response to Nike, New Balance, and New Socks!

  1. alex alex alex says:

    benj u actually look really cute in the training photos….. weird…

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