Back with MORE Sneaker Madness!!!

Queens 1/2 Marathon!
 More pictures from the Queens 1/2 Marathon HERE 

I emailed a pro sneaker reviewer recently to ask what to wear for the marathon.  I’ve already chosen a pair, so the email was just for kicks (Get it???  Kicks is a synonym for sneakers!  Thank you…).  The response he gave me was WAY more complex than I expected.  Read below.  

Ben – It depends on two factors: Foot shape and Foot motion.

Foot shape – how tall is your arch? How do you know? Take a nickel, dime, and penny. Stand on a firm surface with someone to help you, and see in turn if nickel, penny or dime fits best under your arch when your knees are slightly bent to put slight pressure on your arch. If the nickel fits – you have a high arch, a penny – medium, a dime – low arch.

Foot motion – walk on a firm surface and have your helper take a video with their phone of you walking barefoot – either away from them for about 5 steps, then back – or towards them and then away, and I’ll let you know how much motion you have.

With those two pieces of info. I can recommend a few shoes for you.  Thanks

What?!?  I have a better idea.  Wear what’s comfy!!!  Alright, enough about footwear.  I’ve been training in basketball shorts and cotton t-shirts.  I like the style.  It’s all I got.  By the end of a long run on a hot day, and after I’ve splashed water on myself to cool off, those shorts and T’s weigh about 5 pounds each.  I’ve tried on running shorts, and they are just not comfortable.  But shirt wise I’ve given in – I now own one dri-fit Nike shirt and an under311 tank top, the latter of which will be worn in Philly.  I’m stickin with basketball shorts, though.

Tomorrow:  18 mile race in Central Park!  Not going for any records.  Just need miles on my legs!!!

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