Not ready for 3:11… but ready for a CHOP!

Cruised through the 18-mile “marathon tune-up” in Central Park at 7 AM this morning.  If I had to do the marathon tomorrow, I could, I’ve got the endurance, BUT I still need to build some serious speed.  Gonna go at it hard in October.

I considered, for about two seconds, getting a buzzcut for the race.  Not gonna happen.  If the reason I’m not reaching 3:11 is because I have too much hair, then did I really have a shot to begin with?  That said, I think it’s time for a trim.  It’s only been five months…

Want to join on a run?  Email me!  Got a good/inspirational quote to post?  Send away!  I asked my friend William last week if he’d help me train.  His response.  “Sure!  But you’ll have to call Hatzollah first!!”

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