It Jumped Up a NOTCH!

Got a haircut yesterday which I am confident will slash 10 minutes off my final time.  I’m shorn like a sheep and feel nice and light!!!
Tried to do some biking after work but just didn’t have time.  Been biking for about 20 years (been running for 1!).  In the same amount of time, I can cover about 3x the distance on my bike as I would on foot (and half the time I’m just coasting!).  It’s SO much less stress on my body.  Why didn’t I decide to train for the Tour de France???  I’ve done a few massive bike rides as “crosstraining” for the marathon, the biggest one being with my friend Yosaif this past summer.  We covered 30+ miles in the super hills of NJ (right below the GWB).  Man… Yosaif left me in his dust!
It’s October, my last month to really build (November is for maintaining my strength).  Any one who sees me this month and compares me to September will be mimicking Champ Kind from Anchorman… “It jumped up a NOTCH!!!”

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