City of Brotherly Love – Home of Rocky!

Ben on the Bike 

One question I get asked A LOT (got it last night!) – why not run NYC?  A valid question.  So, how do I get accepted into the ING New York City Marathon?  There are several ways:

1. Run nine official New York Road Runner races during a calendar year.
2. Have a fast enough qualifying time.
3. Run with an associated charity.
4. Take your chances in the random lottery.

I went with #4, was not selected, and was bummed.  But then Elliot pointed out that Philly is only two weeks after NYC.  And THEN I remembered that ROCKY is from Philly.  For those of you who know me well, that was the deal breaker.  I got excited.  I nearly bought a gray sweatsuit and Converse All-Stars!!  Does this bode well on me that I’m excited to go to Philly b/c of a fictional film character?  Yes, I think so!!

On tap tonight — going to TRY again for a bike ride before I do another loop (6 miles) of Central Park on foot with the Doc!  18 miles this past Sunday has left me a little worn out!!!

But as Billy Wilder said, “You have to have a dream so you can get up in the morning.”  Under 3:11, $10,000… here I come!

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