Story Time!

I’m happy to report that I ended up both biking AND running yesterday.  3 miles on the bike was the warmup for an 8 mile run in Central Park with Dr. Jim Hollenberg.  We passed Lance Armstrong training at one point!!!  I think we could have taken him on… 
Going to get in an easy 30 minute run before Simchat Torah starts tonight.  Like last week, that means I’m out till Saturday night.  So I’ll leave you with a story that I read in  Sports Illustrated a long time ago (1990s) that always stuck with me.  I love hearing/telling stories, so this may be the first of many to appear on the site.

The USA Olympic Track team was in an airport being interviewed by the media when a man decided to swipe their luggage.  This foolish man tried to sprint away.  Seconds later, the USA Olympic track team – the world’s FASTEST ATHLETES – realized what was happening and TOOK OFF after him.  They caught him in seconds.  Moral?  Don’t steal…. from the world’s fastest men!!!  If anyone can find this story online, send it to me!!!!  Happy Holidays!

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