Serious Training… and Party Time!

Finally all the holidays are over and starting now there will be a post EVERY DAY until race time!  42 days left and things are getting SERIOUS!!!

I’m starting to train myself to do exactly what I will be doing the day of the marathon.  I have been getting up early.  I am eating a bagel nearly every morning.  I’ve been running in my marathon sneaks.  Been drinking Gatorade before runs and during runs.  I’m getting my routine STRAIGHT!  Derek Jeter readjusts his batting gloves after almost every pitch.  It’s annoying.  But it’s his routine.  And he gets hits!  Routine works!

Got in 15 minutes of running (including one 6:45 mile on the dreaded treadmill!)  and about 15 minutes of weights.   Now I’m off to Dave B. and Rotem’s party.  Not really part of any runner’s training schedule… but in MY training plan, I said I had to have some fun!  Happy Birthday fellas!

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