From the Party to the Park!

Bus Run! 

Dave and Rotem’s party got me back home at 2:00 AM… but that did NOT STOP ME from being out and about at 4:40 AM.  I didn’t even BOTHER going to sleep… did some work until I had to run!  Went for about 2 hours.  Had to be at my old high school at 7:45 AM, so needed to get the run done EARLY.

There were three sets of people out (and it was still kind of DARK): a couple with luggage waiting for a cab to take them to the airport, a bunch of partyers just getting home,  and a homeless guy.  Three sets of people all with LEGITIMATE reasons to be out at that ungodly hour.  Suffice it to say that they were all CONFUSED to see someone running (fast!) at 4:40 AM.  Did I mention I was shirtless?  It was freakin’ hot out!

Millions of people in NEW YORK CITY and I was the only one out running.  I thought that was kind of cool.  Finally took a nap at around 1 PM this afternoon.  30 sleepless hours!  That’s commitment!  As John Milton said, “What hath night to do with sleep???”
During dinner at a friends apartment recently I asked – “OK, make believe I’m not in the room… what odds am I getting for under 3:11?”  The answer?  10%!  What?!?!?  Since my 1/2 marathon, this number has since jumped to 20%, but c’mon, have more faith in me!  I gotta get rid of you skeptics!  In the coming weeks I’ll be posting stories (I love stories!) that will make believers out of all of ya!

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