October Heat

For those of you lucky enough to catch yesterday’s entry before I removed it in favor of the abridged version… well, lucky you!  For those who missed it, email me for my adventure!  (I was reprimanded by a number of people for yesterday’s run…. which is fine, cause it proves to me at least that people are reading the blog!!)

On that note, any of you readers a meteorologist?  How can it be this hot in October?  I need to run, but I won’t in this extreme humidity!!!  I fully expected to be coming home this late in the game and figuring out which ski hat I should wear.  But nope, it’s 80 freakin degrees out.  So after work today I got a good 8 miles in on the bike in Central Park.  With the NYC Marathon less than 4 weeks away, the park was PACKED.  People are going full steam ahead.

I discussed this heat problem with Elliot.  He suggested I put a disclaimer on the site:

“Under311providing that the temperature is 51 degrees with 40% humidity…!!!”

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