Rain, Rain, Stay Here!

Rain Run Ben

This post comes to you at 11:58 PM.  This is the FIRST chance I have of posting today… while my DINNER is cooking!!!  Right after work I did 25 minutes of running in Riverside Park in the nice and cool rain! (Much more on this in future posts!!)  Then went straight to playing basketball.  I didn’t want to play the whole game since last time I was very sore afterwards…  So what happens???  Not only do I play the ENTIRE game, but it went into multiple overtimes!  So many overtimes that the refs created a “sudden death” – first team that scores wins.  We lost.  Boo.

Big time THANKS to The Edwards and Menachem L. for their donations!  THANK YOU!  Every one else, check your mail and e-mail!!!

“He must be the stupidest son of a b**** alive.  But he sure is fast!”
-Football Coach about Forrest Gump

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One Response to Rain, Rain, Stay Here!

  1. Matt says:

    Awesome Stuff!!! My cousin runs marathons too…seeing all of you in shape makes me want to run too….hope all is well.

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