My Own Thing!

I like doing my own thing, but that hasn’t stopped me from listening  to all the advice I’m being given by fellow runners.  That said, I’ve always thought that since everyone’s body is different, two people can NEVER have the same game plan.  So I’ve been listening… but not necessarily eating anything up.  Case in point?  I spoke with someone about “crosstrainng” this past week and he was adamant that one of the WORST activities to do would be tennis because of the unusual movement involved (stop and start, sideways, etc…).  ONE HOUR later someone else told me “Ben… aside from biking… another GREAT crosstraining activity is … TENNIS!” 

This has been happening a LOT.  Plenty of different opinions.  Stretch… don’t stretch!  Run every day… don’t run every day!  Have a milkshake after a run… don’t have a milkshake after!  (OK, I made that last one up… but I do have milkshakes afterwards!  Been working!!)  So I’m just going to continue doing what I know, which is… whatever I want!!

Tomorrow at 7 AM.  20 mile run to Riverdale.  Want to join?  Email me!  Want to cheer?  Don’t have to Email me… just look for the lunatic running along the Hudson and do it!

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