Bronx Run!

TWO posts today!  One semi-about running.  This one completely on running!

Went solo and started LATE, but it has FINALLY cooled off outside, so all was good.  And it was LIGHT out!  3 hours… from my apartment to the Bronx… and back.  My legs were tired by the end, especially since I ran the last few miles at marathon pace, but I did get in another bridge crossing – Broadway Bridge on 225th Street, so I think only the Triborough is left in my attempt to run all of the bridges connected to Manhattan.  I got lost in Inwood Park at one point (1st time there!  And don’t even know how I ended up in there!) but escaped after about 20 minutes to have this conversation with Shopping Cart Lady:

ME: Where’s the bridge?
SHOPPING CART LADY: Bridge?  Why?  You want to take the bus there?
ME: No, I’m running.
SHOPPING CART LADY: What?  Why don’t you just take a bus???

She did direct me to the bridge, though.  Thanks lady!

Lastly, donations are starting to pick up.  Keep ’em coming.  THANK YOU ALL!

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