Dave’s Tale!

Yesterday turned out to be a FULL off day.  Got home late from work, ate pizza for dinner, and woke up this morning on the couch without a shirt on.  I don’t remember how I got on the couch.  I don’t know where my shirt went!  And without an alarm, I didn’t get up early for this morning’s run.  Oh no!  Guess I was exhausted!  So run tonight, run tomorrow morning, run tomorrow afternoon!

Without any running news, today is a good day to post this TRUE story from my friend David B. on why he thinks I can do this.  Here ya go! 

“I believe Ben can achieve his lofty goals of under 3:11 in this marathon.  Why you ask!?  Well, I speak from experience.  You see, one hot summer day (or perhaps it was a mild spring day, I forget) a few years back I met up with Ben at my apartment on 77th and Lexington.  Ben had ridden his bike across town and I was heading to Dougie’s with a few friends which is right by his apartment across town.  Always liking a good challenge, Ben mentioned that he was going to bike across town to Dougie’s, but not only that, he was going to beat our cab to the spot!  Now all you naysayers may chalk it up to Manhattan traffic, but this was in the middle of the day on a weekend so I was more than skeptical.  We each went our separate ways and about 8 minutes later, our cab arrived at Dougies.  To my great surprise, there was Ben, leaning next to his bike with a proud smile across his face.  He had beaten our cab across town, and it wasn’t even close.  So if anyone for some reason doubts his ability in this race, just remember this story.   And never doubt Benjamin Gross when he puts his mind to something!!!”

Dave’s always got my back!  Thanks!  To the people who still doubt the run… you say 10% chance, huh?  As Han Solo said, “NEVER tell me the odds!”

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