Naked Feet

Late Night Pushups!

I’ve been pretty satisfied with the training I’ve done so far.  The miles.  The speed workouts.  The weightlifting.  I always look back and think l could have done more, but in reality I’ve put myself through a ton of grueling preparation.  So I’m content.  That is, until I found Barefoot Ted’s website.  Barefoot Ted runs marathons.  Barefoot Ted also runs ULTRAmarathons.  Barefoot Ted runs… BAREFOOT!  Holy moly!!!  After a little more research I discovered that a small movement has evoloved in which people run without sneaks.  No padding.  No socks.  Naked feet.  This got me thinking.  Maybe I should start training barefoot so that when I put on sneakers running will feel EASY???  30 days away, should I change the training plan?

Anyway, this morning it happened again.  Went to sleep at close to 3 AM and could NOT do the planned 6 AM run.  I ran last night at 11 PM for 30 minutes and I wanted to do 60 this morning.  4-5 hours of sleep a night I can get up no problem.  But three?  Nah.  I barely remember turning off my alarm this morning.  The past month has been very BAD in terms of morning runs (been running after work instead).  Going to try and run in the morning every day next week.

Lastly, shout out to Mark Wigler for HAND DELIVERING a donation yesterday!  I encourage you all to emulate Mark’s gesture!  “Marcos” has been very supportive and is coming to Philly to watch me run.  Thanks ‘Cos!

10/10/07.  Philly, PA.  Be there.

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One Response to Naked Feet

  1. Cos says:

    Not everybody knows this but Benjy is under 3-11 every day at work!!!

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