1 Run, 2 Bridges, and 3 Boroughs!

People from outside New York are always in awe when I tell them I grew up in NY.  “The city?  New York City?  IN THE CITY?”  Yup.  Lived here all my life.  Love taking subways everywhere.  Love having things open 24/7.  Love walking around.  And now I love RUNNING around.

Elliot and I met at 5:30 AM for today’s long weekend run.  The initial plan was to cross over the Triborough Bridge… which we weren’t even sure was possible!  We ran 2 miles uptown and found the bridge footpath, took five steps, and instantly stopped in our tracks.  It smelled.  It was dirty.  There was broken glass on the ground.  There was a man meandering ahead of us slowly across the bridge.  And about 30 feet in front of us was a man sleeping on the ground (Elliot later suggested that we missed a HUGE trainging opportunity… using these sleeping men as hurdles!!).  We sided with safety this time and cut this bridge out of our route.  We did end up crossing over the Willis Avenue Bridge AND the Madison Avenue Bridge and from way uptown we followed the NYC Marathon route all the way to the finish line in Central Park.  An 11 mile run. 

4 weeks left.  Next week going insanely hard – at least 6 miles a day at marathon pace (7:15 per mile).  And take a look to the right.  More than halfway to the fundraising goal!  $10,000 is in reach!  Let’s GO!

Map of the Sunday, October 21, 2007 RUN

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