Long October Runs in 80 Degrees!

The long weekend runs have been the most crucial part of training.  I still feel that as long as I build the endurance I need, then the the adrenaline/drive/heart during the REAL race will push me faster.  People have asked if I’m worried about not doing a long training run at marathon pace.  I am not worried.  This is a one time deal.  I’m not giving this speed thing another shot… so it will be 3 hours and 11 minutes worth of running my heart out.

I’m on an intense BUILD until the beginning of November, and then I’ll start my taper.  Ran a quick 10 this morning at 6:50 AM and did a loop of Central Park after work – 6 miles in 45 minutes.  Then met Jules (in from England!!) and Co. at the Hudson Hotel!!

Shout out to David B. for the donation!  Like I said last week – Dave always has my back!

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