Marathon Research

Did an internet search on Philadelphia Marathon today and found a few things of interest.  First up was a course elevation chart.  It looks fairly flat, just as advertised… there isn’t a single hill as high as the ones in Central Park… which means all those loops are training me for a HARDER course than Philly.

The second article I read backed up the first one, saying that Philly is a good run to qualify for the Boston Marathon.  BUT, it also said that a new marathoner should run a few marathons just to get the hang of it…. then go for the qualifier.  NUTS TO THAT!  We’re reaching HIGH! 

I’m still going strong this week.  Alarm got me up at 6 AM today, but after reading a whole series of articles in the NY Times about sleep deprivation, I gave myself an extra hour in the sack.  According to the paper, I shouldn’t really be functioning on my amount of sleep!!!  So had a date with the weights after work and then a 35 minute run up West End Avenue to 96th and Central Park West… and back to my corner where I met David K (happy birthday DK!), who said “You’ve been running for 35 minutes???  You’re not even breathing heavily!!.”  I’m feeling good.  No more blisters.  No more pain.  Just hunger for UNDER 3:11.

“The only people who never fail are those who never try.”

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2 Responses to Marathon Research

  1. Fille de Fer says:

    Philly is an awesome, awesome course. I wanted to run it this year, but there’s a schedule conflict with the MLS Cup game. Next year, I’m there!

    If you need an extra burst of motivation, do the Rocky Run the day before 🙂

  2. alex says:

    benj its the ppl who NEVERRRR fail are the ones who neevr try. food for thought? think about it.


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