Since I’ve got that CAN DO attitude flowing for Philly, I’ve been putting a positive spin on mostly everything.  Anyone who has spoken to me might have noticed that I’ve been coming up with all sorts of loony logic!!!  Examples?  When asked why I have to run this marathon in under 3:11: “I have to run fast and finish quickly… otherwise I’ll get too tired!”  On running at night: “Of course it’s a good idea!  If anyone suspicious approaches me, I’ll just run faster!  Helps my speed game!” 

What??  Where am I getting this from??  Am I losing my mind??  I’m usually the sensible one!  I guess I’ve been on a perpetual runner’s high… cause it all makes sense to me!

On tap — another loop around Central Park this afternoon.  If the rain keeps up, it will be nice and refreshing.  Why run in the rain?  “Then I won’t have to take a shower afterwards!!”  Logic!

On a similar note, my sister Alex thought she’d recut my rain video.  BLAST YOUR SOUND and enjoy!

“Tell me do you plan this pain, does it come down on you, like the rain.”
-Evan and Jaron

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One Response to Logic!

  1. alex says:

    now that’s what im talking about.

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