Breaking it down

A friend told me this past week that I better be mentally prepared because by mile 20 it’s not about being physically fit, it’s about mentally wanting to get to that finish line.  So I’ve been trying to figure out how to break down the race.  My initial plan of dividing the race into 2 half marathons?  Toast.  My idea of taking it one mile at a time?  Out the window!  I can’t go in thinking that I have 26.2 miles to run.  That’s way too much.  I think I’m going to end up breaking it down into 3-4 races:  The first 10 miles, the next 6, the next 5, and the last 5 (which will probably be spent running with my eyes closed, gutting it out).  Doing it this way will allow me to set up smaller goals without having the 26.2 looming over my head.

3 weeks left.  Rested today… but kept up on reading sports psychology books!  Yesterday I did a loop of Central Park in 42:55… a 7:09 pace!  Some old friends came back to visit me, though.  Neck pain and lower back pain.  Ran right through them.  I also realized something.  At mile 6 yesterday, I was getting a little upset for putting myself through such punishment.  On marathon day, by mile 15 or so, I am very sure that I will be LIVID for running so hard/so far.  So I recommend staying away from me… unless you have gatorade or a good story to tell!  This race is mostly a mental game.  It’s my one shot to get it done.  As Eminem said, “The moment…  You own it…  You better never let it go…  You only get one shot…”

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