Central Park Racing

Baby Run!!

After almost 80 days of nonstop movement, I got “lazy” today and only ran 40 minutes of what was supposed to be a long weekend run.  Still, I learned PLENTY from those 40 minutes because most of today’s miles were run amidst an official NY Road Runners race in Central Park.

Starting Line.  It was packed today and my first mile was a MINUTE off race pace – I just couldn’t manuever around people fast enough.  I made this time up and finished the 4 miles in 28:54 (7:13 pace), but I had to really push it.  For 4 miles that’s fine, but I’m going to need a much steadier pace for 26.2.  Falling a minute behind so early is not something I want to happen.

Groove.  I did not feel that great in the beginning.  My legs hurt immediately and I didn’t get into a groove until about mile 4 (when I stopped)… leading me to believe that the hardest miles for the marathon will be the first 4 and the last 4.  Interesting.

Checks continue to steadily roll in and many people have been writing very inspiring notes with them!  I’ve been getting some amazing emails as well.  When I posted the picture of me running with Dean Karnazes’ book, Ultramarathon Man, I contacted Dean to let him know about it… and he wrote me back!!  Here is how he ended his letter to me:

“Run when you can, walk when you have to, crawl if you must, just never give up.  You WILL do it!”

Charge on brother,
-Dean Karnazes

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