No Water

In the gym this past week I decided to step on a scale between sets to see what this running hobby has done to my weight.  I’m pretty lean already, so I was really hoping the weight loss wouldn’t be substantial…. but I get on… and I see…. I’ve GAINED 3-4 pounds??  I thought that was a little odd.

On another health note , I’ve also trained myself to go a long way without water.  When I began running, I couldn’t go 10 minutes without a drink.  On my daily night runs to 96th street and back, I’d take a bottle of Poland Springs and that baby would be licked clean by the time I got home.  Even if I wouldn’t drink all of it, any liquid remaining would get dumped on my head.  I’d be that wiped.  Now?  I’m like a camel.  Can go over an hour without any h20.

Moving on… tonight I ran to 100th and Central Park West (4 miles… no water)!  Felt great.  Not many more training runs to go before the big one!

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