Planning & Skeptics!!!

Dog run!

With less than 3 weeks to go till the race something hit me today… I can’t just walk outside my apartment and run like I do the Central Park races.  I have to plan my trip… starting NOW!  I am not even sure where I am going to stay yet…. David C., keep an eye on your phone!!!  So today I started to do some preliminary things – making lists, getting stuff together, etc…  Also, turns out a good number of folks want to come down to Philly to watch the five seconds it takes me to run by them!  Thanks guys!   

Pessimists.  The past few weeks I’ve gotten some emails along the lines of… “I don’t want to be a naysayer, but you can’t do this!”  To those people… why are you sending this?  A big part of this race is having the psyche that I CAN do it… and that’s been part of the FUN!  I’m allowed to give it a shot, no?  Lighten up fellas.

I don’t plan on doing a big taper for the marathon, but I did come to the conclusion today that I don’t need another big run.  I’m either ready now, or I’m not.  Just have to maintain my fitness (and maybe grow a little stronger).  That said, I ran for exactly 5 minutes and 58 seconds tonight – the time it took me to get to the pizza store.  Doubters — maybe you think I can’t do 3:11, but I sure can run FAST to get a slice!

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