Running Mindset

People who are suspect about the likelihood of my goal time have good reason to feel uncertain.  It’s incredibly tough… and it will be very, very painful!!!  When announcing this target time, I always thought that I had a number of ways to look at my chances::

1. I can do it… (under 3:11 goal time is it.  Anything else is failure)
2. I might be able to… (under 3:11 is the goal, but it’s tough and I’ll be happy with something close!) 
3. I have no shot… (classic mindset so that if I don’t do 3:11, at least I’m not disappointed!)

According to articles I’ve read, the “proper” way to go in to a marathon is with a few backup goals in mind (something along the lines of option #2).  However, I’m going FULL BLAST with #1.  A positive attitude is IMPORTANT.  If I go in glass half-empty, I might as well throw in the towel.  I need that can-do, POSITIVE mindset.  I’ve said before that I look at thing glass half-full.  This race is a HUGE GLASS… but I’m the one pouring the drink!!!!

Now, time for a 45 minute run!  (It is 10:00 PM!!!)

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