Training Program

Into the Sunset 

Lots of people have asked what training “program” I’ve been on.  A quick Google search will bring up hundreds of training programs.  I’m not sticking to any of them.  My plan has always been simple – run A LOT.  I could make lists/times/schedules, but when it comes down to it, it’s all just on a piece of paper.  There are MANY unknown factors that can/will occur.  I expect surprises, subplots, and adventures to emerge during the run – all sorts of things a program would never help with.  The most important thing still is pacing.

I’ve started taking notice of everyone’s pace.  Just ask Dave K. and Marcos.  When we walk in the park, if a runner passes is I’ll throw out a comment: “doing about 7:45 pace….  oh – 9:00 pacer right there.”  Probably annoys the hell out of ’em, but I’m always, as John Denver says, “goin’ to Philly in my mind” (or is that Carolina?  I forget…)…

Yesterday was the first day I didn’t post for a long time.  Went to the NYC Marathon Expo and got home late from work.  I didn’t do any running because my shins have been in pain from wearing worn out sneakers.  Stupid.  Elliot, you were right.

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