Thought Process

People have figured that after all my training, running the marathon will be a piece of cake.  Not true.  Does it still hurt to run?  Yes sir, yes it does.  At some point, after mile 13, the run is going to become mostly mental.  What keeps circling through my brain like a merry go round is UNDER 3:11.  UNDER 3:11.  DO IT.  DO NOT STOP.  DO IT.  Today I started making a list of stories, happy thoughts (Peter Pan!) for me to think about during the race.  Thoughts that will take me to a different place other than the world of pain (Big Lebowski!). From the list I will pick the most potent 3 or 4 that I’ll focus on while I run.  These are the first few that have come to mind:

1. To make me smile – A few years ago a college athlete responded to a question about his 100-yard kickoff return with: “That was just instinct.  Kind of like running from the cops!!!”  I guess if I were running from the cops, I’d speed it up too!  Gotta imagine cops chasing me…

2. To make me visualize people – I’ve told lots of people about the goal time… and I hate disappointing people.

3. To push me on – I heard that when Peter Jackson was making the Lord of the Rings, a HUGE production, he kept on repeating the phrase “Pain is temporary.  Film is forever!”  I’ve been incorporating that into my race training mentality.  “Pain is temporary.  The run is forever!!!”

Congrats to Elliot, Jim, Rob, and Michael who all ran and FINISHED the NYC Marathon today!!!

“Learn to run when feeling the pain: then push harder.”

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