Lessons Learned – NYC Marathon!

NYC Marathon 2007! 

Firstly, I would like to say that I placed a DNF (Did Not Finish) in yesterday’s NYC Marathon.  “Oh my goodness, Ben didn’t finish” you say???  Well, that’s because I wasn’t registered to run!!  First two people I met this morning asked me how I did!!!  I knew this would happen.  I see that that the site has a healthy hit count today, so I’m assuming that other people are thinking the same thing.  I wanted to run my home course, NYC, but didn’t get in.  I’m running the Philadelphia Marathon — in two weeks!!!  I did, however, run the last 8 miles of the NYC Marathon with Elliot.  Those 8 miles taught me a lot.

Starting line – I arrived at the meeting spot early (mile 18).  It was almost ideal marathon weather, but standing there… waiting for Elliot to come, I got cold.  My legs were shaking.  I was shivering.  It made me realize that at the starting line in Philly I’m going to have to have some disposable clothes that I’ll strip off early in the race…

26.2 – There were a lot of people struggling when I jumped in at mile 18.  This served to remind me – 26.2 miles is no joke.

Excitement – Physically, I can’t run this race.  I’ve only been running for 14 months (seriously training for the last 3) and have never run a marathon.  On running talent alone, I am not even close to being able to do under 3:11.  So all along I’ve been banking on the excitement of the actual race to boost my adrenaline.  If Philly is anything like NY was yesterday – music blasting along the course, people cheering, etc. – WOW – that would be an enormous boost and might put me over the top.

A disturbing fact.  This year, 1533 people finished NYC under 3:11.  That is LESS THAN 4% OF THE FIELD.  Yikes!

Tonight I’ll be sprinting in Central Park for 30 minutes.  Come join!  

“If you’re going through hell, keep going.”

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One Response to Lessons Learned – NYC Marathon!

  1. Sylvie says:

    Good luck in Philly ! Do the best you can and all will be fine. You can do it !!!
    I’ll be there to and it will a my first marathon. Aside from wanting to finish it, i would love it if it’s under 5 hrs.
    12 days !!!

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