The Final Countdown


Starting today, I am going to watch one movie a night until the race (1 a day, minus Saturdays).  Here’s the tentative list I’ve come up with.  

1. Rocky 2. Miracle 3. Karate Kid 4. Hoosiers 5. Field of Dreams 6. Rudy 7. Prefontaine 8. Without Limits 9. Remember the Titans 10. Caddyshack

Think I’ve left off a must see?  Let me know!

No running tonight since easy runs have been stricken from the schedule.  Just a 20 minute date with the weights.  Going for a final push this week (speed work) before I move on to just maintaining my health next week.  The list of things to bring is growing – don’t want to forget anything!  The list of things to think about when I run is ballooning too!  Got to get into this mentally now.

Last night I did 27 minutes of speed work in Central Park at night.  It may seem like a short workout, but the reality is I have been getting faster so the sprinting sets are taking less time!!  All the marathon stuff was still set up in the park so I was running with security – a whole line of police officers were lined up and guarding the remaining equipment.  A Park Ranger gave me a curious look at one point.  I stopped and had this discussion with him.

ME: I’m running the Philadelphia Marathon.  Two weeks.
SMOKEY: How much do you run per clip?
ME: At least 3 miles a day.
SMOKEY: 3 miles?  Isn’t the marathon like 28 miles??  (He glances at my legs)  Boy are those puppies going to be sore!

And then Smokey walked away.  Smokey!  You didn’t let me explain!  I do 20 miles on weekends!  20 miles on weekends!!!

Dr. Archibald “Moonlight” Graham:  “That’s my wish.  And is there enough magic out there in the moonlight to make this dream come true?”  (Field of Dreams) 

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