Philly Stats and Stoppers

Gatorade Trip 

This morning I checked last year’s stats for the Philly marathon.  Of the 6197 finishers,  ONLY 449 finished under 3:11.  That’s approximately 7% of the field.  WHOA!!  I heard Philly was an “easy, flat run?!?!” (though… is 26.2 ever “easy”??)

I had a bad run tonight in Central Park.  Ran too hard, got cramped up, and had to walk.  If that happens in Philly, then the goal is finished.  So I’ve made a list of stoppers.  Things that will prevent me from 3:11.  

1. If it’s a hot day, I’m done (well-done!).  In Boston this past summer Elliot and I stopped when it began approaching 90 degrees and walked the 3 miles to get home.  I get overheated easily and the sun will just issue me a KO.  I’ll finish the race, but I’ll have to start deferring everyone to my backup website, under611.
2. A “bad” run.  There is no controlling this.  Sometimes I take a one stride and feel great, other times I take that one stride and know right away, without explanation, that every step will be a struggle.  I need a GREAT run.  

3. Injury.  I’ve never had a serious injury, so this shouldn’t be a problem (knock on wood).  But, sometimes I get KILLER side pain (tonight).  I don’t want to fall behind the clock and play catch up… that’ll be rough.  

4. Running years.  3:11 is a VERY AGGRESSIVE first marathon.  I have only been running for 14 months and it’s possible I haven’t yet developed the stamina/speed I need.

Despite, all this, I think it’s doable.  Karate Kid tonight.  Miyagi – [knocks Daniel down] “I tell you what Miyagi think!  I think you “dance around” too much!  I think you “talk” too much!  I think you not concentrate enough!  Lots of work to be done!  Tournament just around corner!!!

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