10 Days!

So here I am – 10 days away from running 42.195 kilometers.  138336 feet.  The distance from my apartment to Rye Playland.  26.2 miles.  A lot of people have been asking me what I’m going to do after the race is over.  The plan has always been 1. Raise money for charity and 2. Qualify for the Boston Marathon.  The website won’t shut down post-race.  I’ll keep it going and it will hopefully grow into something larger.  Stay with me.

I’m not nervous.  My only concern is that a bone in my leg (both legs) hurts.  The one between my ankle and knee on the inside of my leg.  Running 26.2 on it won’t be very pleasant.  With the hope that it heals 100%, I’ve settled down running-wise.  Doing a run and weights every other day.  People have been telling me to rest up… and that’s exactly what I’m going to do!!

I’m getting my plans set for Philly.  We have a good size team coming down.  For the rest of you who will be in town that day, get in touch with me so I can place you at a tough mile.  Seeing you will give me a boost!  And if you want to jump in and run with me.  Perfect!  Just so long as you can keep up!!!

Checks continue to roll in.  The support and interest in the run has been incredible!!!  I’ve been getting emails from all sorts of people… all of which have been very inspiring and encouraging!!!  Wow.  Thank you!

“I’ll make it.”

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One Response to 10 Days!

  1. Sylvie says:

    Get a good 90 min massage a couple of days before the marathon.
    I’ve gotten one on tuesday and it really helped with my last long run of yesterday. I’ll get one today and wendsday. Anything to help with the easing of the pain !!!

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