The one slice of advice that every runner has laid on me (and that I’ve actually listened to!!!) is: “do not start off too hard.”  If I do, if I come out of the gates swinging, I’ll pay for it TWO TIMES over on the back end.  And that will destroy my goal for a negative split (a faster second half (in time) than the first half). 

Having discipline was the main focus for my past two races.  I could have turned it on and smoked by people, but I forced myself to stay patient and maintain a steady pace.  I’m good with being patient (most of the time), and Philly will be the ultimate test for patience.  The adrenaline will be flowing at the start line and I’m going to want to finish that race right when the gun goes off.  But I can’t let myself do that.   I’m going to try to maintain the pace needed for 3:11… 7:15 pace per mile… for the entire race.  It’ll be tight, but I think that’s the only way to do this.  A steady run all the way through.
I gotta be like white on rice – consistent.

Shabbat Shalom.

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