Fairway to Fairway

Running so fast I’m BLURRY!

Today was my last weekend long run before the BIG one.  I decided to go back to my old route, the one that I did over and over when I first started running a year ago – from my apartment to the uptown Fairway Marketplace (125th Street) and back.  Great run by the river.  A nice mix of flat surface and hills.  My favorite.  When I was running with Elliot in the NYC Marathon two weeks ago, we entered Central Park on 90th street from 5th avenue and I kept telling him that from here it’s a piece of cake.  This was our home route that WE trained on nearly every weekend.  The Fairway run is my home route.

I started the run late this morning.  While waiting for the elevator I bumped into a neighbor who asked about Philly.  I looked at my watch (it was 10:15 AM) and said to him – “well, by this time next week… I should be done!”  Crazy!

In addition to the daily movie, I watched the 2008 Olympic Team Trials video online today.  This race (top 3 finishers qualified for the Olympics in Beijing) took place in Central Park on the Saturday before the Marathon.  JC those guys run fast!!!  2-3 minutes per mile faster than what I want to run.  My pace is a light jog for them!  And how loony is it that I just watched a 2 hour video of people running in circles???  (It wasn’t all in one sitting… and there was commentary… I swear!!)

I’m going to start packing early this week once I get my lists set.  Also going to start eating up a storm – need to store up for 26.2 miles!  Still a lot to get done!

“In this life, you don’t have to prove nothin’ to nobody but yourself”

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