On the Phone! 

Since I’ve never run a marathon before, this final week is all about firsts.  I’m figuring out how to eat, how much to run, how many movies to watch!  I’ll be doing everything depending upon how I am feeling.  They’ll be some two-a-days posting!  Got some final thoughts to share, updates to throw at you on the fly, and final thank you’s to dole out.

All weekend people have asked, am I ready?  To be honest, I probably could use more physical training, but being prepared for this race ALSO means standing at the starting line and having the confidence that this can be done.  And a big part of being able to relax and feel ready is reflection.  Whenever I’ve become concerned that I didn’t do enough, I look back at the training I did the past three months.  I ran over 450 miles.  4235 minutes.  I ran four races.  I ran at 4:30 AM.  I ran at midnight.  I ran over 8 bridges.  I ran in Nantucket.  I ran in Boston.  In Central Park!  I jogged,  I sprinted.  I walked.  I biked.  I kayaked.  I lifted weights.  I ran with Elliot.  With my Doctor.  And I even passed Weird Al Yankovic at 11 PM one night in the park (I swear – it was his clone!!!)  But it’s still tricky guaranteeing this one because 26.2 miles is a LOOONG way to go… and I’ve never done it before.  As Herb Brooks says in today’s movie, Miracle, “You think you can win on talent alone?  You don’t have enough talent to win on talent alone!”

That said, I want to direct you to the right side of the page.  How about dem apples!  $11,000 and counting!!!  The MORE important goal has been reached and then some!  So many people will benefit from the funds raised!  Thanks to all who contributed!  The support has been overwhelming.  In a strange twist, lots of people have been thanking ME for including them.  UNBELIEVABLE.  I’m humbled/thankful and even slightly embarassed by all the support.  For those who didn’t donate… you still can!  Let’s see how HIGH we can go!  The running has tapered, but let’s keep the donations PEAKING!  And don’t be hesitant to forward this website to friends, family, strangers… whomever!

“This cannot be a team of common men because common men go nowhere.  You have to be uncommon…”
-Coach Herb Brooks in Miracle

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