I got an email suggesting I add Chariots of Fire to my list.  Thanks Mike!   Never saw it and completely forgot about it.  I’m halfway through my ‘movies to watch’ list and I just started packing.  It looks like I’m bringing two bags – one with regular clothes, the other filled only with running gear, including 3-4 squirt bottles.  I noticed from watching the Olympic Trials video that those guys didn’t bother with cups.  if you’ve never raced before, it’s really hard to 1. Grab a cup on the run and 2. Drink on the run.  All the elite runners had small sippy bottles.  Genius!  They also swooped those things off the table very smoothly – watch it… it’s an art form.  So I’m placing some people in predetermined spots… you’ll be holding a squirt bottle with Gatorade!!!  Don’t drop it when handing it off to me!! 

I’ve been told to expect a serious case of nerves and anxiety as the race nears.  I’m still waiting!!!!  My only concern is that my legs are still hurting (Overuse?  Bad sneaks?  A combination of both?).  But right now I’m as cool as the other side of the pillow.  Focused, locked in, and ready to go.  I’d run the race right now if I could!!!  Part of my mindset for races has always been – this is only a foot race, it’s nothing to get nuts over!  It’s supposed to be FUN!  Just because this one in particular happens to be the longest race I’ve ever done can’t change my way of thinking.  Nothing new on race day!

This doesn’t seem to be the case for most people.  Witness the LINES outside of the Porto-Johns prior to any race.  People are crapping in their pants!  This is not good.  Stressing out (for anything) will only yield bad results.  Whenever I have to speak publicly, give a presentation, or am thrust in the spotlight, I try to remind myself — “If I’m nervous, that means everyone else probably will be to!”  We’re all in the same boat.  Get those nerves in check. 

Prefontaine tonight.  “All of my life people have said to me, ‘You’re too small, Pre. You’re not fast enough, Pre. Give up your foolish dreams, Steve!’ But you know what, they forgot something: I have to win.”

Philadelphia, PA.  11/18/07.  It’s happening.

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One Response to Nerves

  1. BC says:

    Beej your my hero. Go uncle B. Run Run Run

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