Wobbly Legs & Fueling

I was torn between running this week (can’t get lazy on training!) or resting (my legs HURT!).  Not one to sit around, I made my way to the reservoir after work yesterday and did two loops (1.58 miles each).  Each time I went hard the first half, then jogged real slow the next half.  I logged a 7:35 pace – not fast enough, but at least I wasn’t laboring.  Interesting development – after the first loop my legs felt like lead weights, but the second loop was a different story – felt nice and loose.  So I should expect to bounce between periods of pain and ease?  As a friend said to me yesterday, “Oh, I think you’ll do under 3:11.  But be prepared to feel a lot of f***in pain!!!”

Got more gear together yesterday.  I gathered my under311 shirt, my DRYMAX socks, my black shorts – my race day uniform!  And I bought some Gatorade.  To survive a race like this you have to properly fuel yourself.  So I’ve been loading up on the carbohydrates, water, and sports drink this week.  I have a fully filled cup of water on my desk at work at all times.  Am only getting a quarter of the amount of things done since I’m running to the bathroom every few minutes, but those are the breaks!

Will do 15 minutes tomorrow in Central Park and then that’s all she wrote.  No more running until 7 AM Sunday morning!!!

“The key is not the “will to win” – everybody has that.  It is the will to prepare to win that is important.”

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