This might be my last email from my home computer, where this website and idea was hatched from scratch.  Thank you all for logging on.  If anything, I hope the blog inspired you to at least go out for a jog! 
I’ve had a LOT of support and encouragement over the past 3 months.  People constantly asking about my progress, giving me positive feedback about the website, and really just showing genuine interest in the whole project.  I want to THANK ALL OF YOU for following me on this little adventure.  Elliot – thanks for all those long (and EARLY) training runs!  My parents, who helped with every facet of the run – spreading word about the website, fundraising, making sure I didn’t kill myself by overtraining.  My sister Alex for taking photos and for helping design the site.  And to everyone else… I’ve gotten very moving emails, not only from friends/family, but from other runners I’ve met on this journey and even from strangers that have stumbled into the Under311 world!!!  Your comments/emails were very inspiring!  THANK YOU!

To the short list of folks that didn’t donate (you didn’t have to) OR contact/email to wish me luck… I’m a little dissappointed.  That said, there is still time for you to donate/email!!! 

Enough about you folks.  Now it’s all up to me!  Been drinking a lot (Gatorade), eating a lot (pasta), listening to music (Rocky)!  There’s 26.2 miles of empty road ahead to run in under 3:11!  That’s always been the plan, and I’m sticking to it!!!

“So where does the power come from, to see the race to its end?  From within.”
-Chariots of Fire

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