Philadelphia, PA

Hello everybody from chilly Philly, where I’ve arrived after a smooth train ride and where they are predicting a beautiful running weekend (praying… crossing my fingers… knocking on wood!!!)  Watched Rocky early this AM and I’m ready to run the town just like the Italian Stallion! 

This will possibly be my last post till after the race… BUT log on Sunday morning as my sister, Alex, will be posting updates while I run!!!  Hopefully that arrangement will work out.  No promises. 

I’ve been saying all along – I believe I can do this, but under 3:11 is NUTS for a first marathon!  Whatever the outcome, I’m going to make sure to enjoy myself… especially since I’m taking that first step knowing I’ve already reached the charity goal!!  $10,000+ is a lot for a 24-year old to raise in a few months… a lot for anyone to raise!  But we did it!!!  Again, everyone was and continues to be so supportive.  The site got over 5,000 hits (so far)!  Wow!  Over 130 people made donations (so far)!  UNREAL!

Hopefully you enjoyed tuning in.  In addition to having this site as a base for progress on my training and fundraising, the blog was meant to entertain – to make you smile!  I haven’t read over all the entries yet, but I noticed that I posted over 80 times.  Hopefully most of the those posts made you laugh!  One thing I definitely remember is that I kept repeating two things over and over – do not go out hard… and have fun!  A few more rules I’m keeping in mind for Sunday:

1. Run the first 10 miles “easy” (7:10-7:15 pace… not faster).  Then see where I am at the halfway point (13.1 miles).  If I’m feeling good, push it a little.  If not, keep it steady… because the race STARTS at mile 20.

2. Unless it’s something frighteningly serious, keep putting one foot in front of the other.  Move forward.  The pain is temporary.

NOW… no more writing…. it’s time to rock and roll!!!!

“Cause I was thinkin’, it really don’t matter if I lose this fight.  It really don’t matter if this guy opens my head, either.  ‘Cause all I wanna do is go the distance.”

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  1. Best of luck–especially during the last 10K stretch. I’d be lucky holding a 7:15 pace for a 5K race. Going that fast for an entire marathon is quite an accomplishment.

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