One Week Later

At this time last week I was at mile 15!  

How am I feeling???  Well, after I crossed the finish line last week, someone asked me that same question.  It was 10 minutes after the race and THE CRAMP had subsided, so my answer was: “I’m ready to run another Marathon!!”  Not quite, but I felt good… but for about 4 days my legs were a bit sore and every so often I’d stumble from a tightened muscle.  It was also hard to walk down stairs… BUT that’s the result of running 26.2 and I wasn’t stuck in bed.  I went for a 5 mile bike ride midweek and even a 1 mile jog today!

As the time passes, I’m becoming less disappointed about not doing under 3:11…. I’m just hungry to take that first step in the next marathon!!!

I’ve updated the RACE RECAP complete with photos.  On the fundraising front, checks continue to roll in… you can still donate!!!

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